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Silvio guerrinha

Hi, my name is Silvio Guerrinha, I am 38 years old and I'm from Portugal.
I started making websites in 1999, and I was self-taught, reading tutorials and experiencing things for myself. I made my first websites with "Netscape composer".
Later I started using Dreamweaver 2014 and other sofware programs. In 2004 I attended a webdesign course here in Portugal, by «Pax Forma» and I perfected my experience. I worked with programs such as: Dreamweaver, Fireworks (for image editing) and Macromedia Flash MX.

Today I’m still working with the same programs but new versions : «Adobe Fireworks CC», «Photoshop CC 2017», «Dreamweaver CC» , «Adobe Illustrator» and I edit websites in Html5. I also attended a Entrepreneurship and Business Ideas course at "Sines Tecnopolo", an English course and Marketing and Communications.

I do a bit of everything: I make websites, I edit images in Photoshop, I make logotypes, I make banners, I edit resumes, certificates and flyers, I make business cards, and more. Webdesign is a passion and I work with webdesign in my free time; as a profession I am security guard. In my free time I am a DJ and a writer, I manage several websites and blogs about news, spirituality, and ufology, and I’ve published a few books.

photoshop, dreamweaver adobe illustrator

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Phone (or Skype) : +351 96 825 8063 e-mail:

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