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Tips for Choosing a Domain Name:

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Make it Brandable:
The name must sound generic, and be easy to spell and memorize. On a piece of paper, write down variations of the name and choose the one you prefer.

Make it Short:
It is better to have a domain like , than one like or If it’s too long or has too many hyphens, it’s a bad idea.

Make it Pronounceable:
Use broad keywords, and make it a keyword rich domain. If your website is about food don't your your name or other terms not related to cooking; use keywords such as: recipes, best recipes, food recipes, hot recipes, etc.
Try a keyword suggestion tool.

Make it Easy to Type:
Sometimes when internet users are writing a long url with too many hyphens or words they might mistype the address, and they will access a different site, not yours.
If your domain is short, there is a better chance they will write it correctly. And they will also memorize the name.

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A paid domain it is the image of your business. Iif you use free hosting with a free domain, you'll be transmitting an unprofessional image.

People will not trust your business and will not buy from you if your website has a free address like or
In addition, if they offer you a domain for «free» they become the owners of that domain and may deny you access without warning, or delete it, or steal traffic from you.


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