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Free Site vs Paid Site

free and paid site
There are many services online with free hosting and free site builders, and anyone can easily create a website with these builders and don't need to pay for hosting.

So, why should you use a paid webdesign service with paid hosting? For many reasons: The image of your business, and the professionalism you will transmit to your customers, readers or fans. Paid hosting is faster and has no traffic limitations. Your own domain name will look more professional.
And there are many other reasons to go with a paid service.

There are many free hosting services with site builders, like Wix, Weebly, Simbla and more. But on these services you have many limitations.
For one, your url address will be long and ugly, and if you desire a cumstom web domain you'll have to pay. You get a limited number of pages (up to 10 or 20 pages), so if you need a bigger site, you'll have to pay.

Customers will never take you seriously if you have a business or company using free hosting, with a free domain. And free hosting providers put ads in your site, in headers or footers, and sometimes they redirect your visitors and steal traffic from you!

With free providers, there is a limited number of templates, and many of the options are ugly. If you need a better and more professional looking template, you'll have to pay. In the end, a "free" service is very limited and you will have to pay for something better. With paid website design and paid hosting, you have no page number limits, no traffic limits, you pay for your domain address and your domain is yours, so you have 100% control over it.
You choose the template. You will impress your customers, readers or fans with a professional looking website.

Nobody will buy services from you if you have a website with a long url like ( ); it doesn't look professional.
Are you an online business or company using a free hosting service? Be careful, because if you register a domain with a free hosting service, sometimes they lock your domain and they have control over it. If you want to change to a different hosting company, they don't unlock your domain address to transfer it.

free and paid hosting

Some web designers are greedy, charging more than 600 dollars for a website. I am not greedy nor opportunistic; I charge a fair price for my work, around 100 or 150 dollars for html5 sites, depending on the time spent and size

of the website. I also make small html sites for 70 dollars.

I will register your domain name (you pay the registration, it's an independent service) and I will give you all the login details. You will be 100% in control of your domain.

I will keep a copy of your site, on a flash drive. If any problems develop in the future and we need restore files, we have a security copy. If you wish, I can send a zip file with your site files to you.

I will help you promote your site.

I take payment via PayPal. Paypal is secure and has more than 100 million customers worldwide. I am a verified merchant account, so your payment is secure.
PayPal has customer protection and a refund policy.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page

satisfaction guarantee paypal verified  I have verified merchant account since 2003, my Id: HBKRT5H9YX2E6

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